Check out the sweet promo video from Wilder On The Taylor Ranch. Complete with a bunch of awesome aerial shots and great views.

Developed as a shared ranch, Wilder on the Taylor a perfect example of responsible preservation of the tradition and values of the Western Ranching culture. Almost 90% of the existing land will be protected from future development, a remarkable gift to future generations to enjoy the real story of this important way of American life.
The heart and soul of Wilder on the Taylor is the authentic Western Colorado cattle and haying operation, continuously operating for nearly 100 years. Formed originally by a federal land patent being granted and homesteaded by Charles T. Stevens and James E. Stevens and filed in the Land Office at Gunnison, Colorado on December 23, 1898.

With a long history of ownership in the Taylor Canyon, national developer, Jackson-Shaw, acquired the ranch in 2007 along with additional acres renaming the ranch, “Wilder on the Taylor”, or simply “Wilder”. Under a shared ranch operating plan and a low intensity development plan, the remaining open space will be secured with a conservancy dedication insuring that the legacy of this quintessential American Cowboy culture will remain the lifestyle of the Wilder for many generations to come.