We all know that cheaters never prosper, but who said pushing a button on a wristband to accelerate a motor on the bottom of a surfboard is cheating? Ok well maybe just a little. Because the geniuses who designed Wavejet Surfboards know that you’ll be tempted to take all the best waves, they’ve come up with a jetiquette guide to save you from getting your ass kicked by a bunch of barrel hungry surf bums.

With Power comes Responsibility. While this is an old saying that may seem tired to some, at WaveJet, it is a mantra to live by. WaveJet was created to enhance the way people interact with water, but NEVER to alienate the others with whom they share that space.

So next time you ride, make sure to keep in mind these rules of WaveJet-tiquette…so that you never come off as a WaveJerk!

Don’t cheat. WaveJet was not created to let you cut into the lineup and slide in on another rider’s waves.
Stay in line and wait your turn!
Follow the normal rules of paddling, don’t WaveJet through the heart of the lineup.
Share. Just because you can catch all the waves doesn’t mean you should.
Be nice. You’re the lucky one with the WaveJet – show a little love for the surfers around you!