Here’s the submission for the Simms 2012 Shoot out from Detonation Studios featuring:

MIKE AGEE-who was our insanely talented guide and skwala master-linkedin.com/pub/mike-agee/9/a92/50b
DAN SALTAU-for the sexy and efficient streamers dirtywaterflycompany.com/
Camille Egdorf-for her unbelievable faith and support of whatever it is we do.
Ryan Eisfeldt-for getting us out of a jam-linkedin.com/pub/ryan-eisfeldt/23/697/84a

CAMERAS-Bryan Gregson & Ian Majszak
Edited by-Ian Majszak
music-The Pretty Lights
track title-“we must go on”

The Simms 2012 Shoot Out videography contest in Bozeman, Montana was held at this year’s ICE OUT Guide Event from April 16-18, 2012. Videographers hit the water in Montana with the West’s best fishing guides. The culmination was the Shoot Out competition held on April 19 at the Willson Auditorium in Bozeman, MT. Sponsored by Costa and The Drake Magazine, the Shoot Out is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates fly fishing filmmaking and the fishing guide.

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