Industrial Product Designer, Metin Kaplan has created a monster. A sun sucking version of the GoodYear Blimp if you will. Instead of burning expensive Helium that experts predict will run out 25 years from now, the “Sunrise thermal airship” is propelled by thermal power. Heat from the sun. The “Sunrise” uses Fresnel lenses which we’re not even going to try to explain the science, but they somehow reflect heat to multiple mirrors which constantly follow the sun to create the hottest reflection and then trap the heat to create buoyancy.

The balloon doubles as a heat-energy storage source to power two collapsible wing-mounted Stirling engines, which use heat energy for fuel. Any remaining energy created is transformed into motion and stored into an onboard flywheel.

We literally have no idea how the science behind this works, but they do have an illustration depicting a fly fishing couple enjoying the once unattainable bliss of a lake that otherwise would be impossible to reach. Looks pretty cool to us. Check out the link here to get a better grasp on the science than our bullshit excuse of an explanation left you with.