RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, adds one new line each to its popular SlickShooter® and Powerflex® Core Shooting Lines to give saltwater, salmon and steelhead anglers more distance and ease while casting.

The Powerflex Core Shooting Lines have a strong monofilament core that results in the thin diameters, great strength and durability anglers need to obtain more distance thanks to reduced friction between the line and the rod guides. The exceptionally slick XS Technology and supple cold water coating ensure more distance and a tangle-free line. The new 0.040” diameter floating shooting line in this collection comes in yellow, and features a large, 6” welded front loop for quick shooting head attachments. This sized shooting line is ideal on heads of 650 gr (9/10) and larger. This line, along with the others in the Powerflex Core collection, is 100 feet long, retails for $39.95 and can be found at any RIO dealer.

SlickShooter has a very hard, slick finish on this oval shaped nylon shooting line and once stretched has no memory. These attributes combine for an extremely low coefficient of friction for incredible distance. The new blue 25 lb. line in this collection is 115 feet long, retails for $9.95 and can be found at any RIO dealer.