Just in time for the rays of spring and summer, Revo adds the Headway to its collection of ultra-high quality polarized sunglasses, equipped with industry leading optics and technology. In other words, these ain’t your shitty pair of gas station shades.

The Headways boast a polarized crystal water lens with unparalleled sharpness and contrast, which will give any angler an upper hand on the river or on the flats while site casting. Many polarized lenses can wreak havoc on your eyes and brain, often times leading to headaches. But Revo precisely lines up the polarized filter on the horizontal axis to ensure the lenses don’t force your eyes and brain to do the optical correcting. In addition to looking after the well-being of your eyes and brain, the new Headways also look after the well-being of the environment with Eco-Use material. Eco-Use is a nylon frame material made from the seed of the castor bean plant instead of widely used petroleum-based nylons. Not only is this material sustainable and more environmentally friendly, it is also exceptionally light, flexible and incredibly comfortable.

The Headway will also come with the first-ever removable leash and buoy, which easily snaps into place for when you’re on the water throwing out lines and easily snaps off for when you’re throwing out lines later that evening for happy hour at the local watering hole.