If you’re like me, you would love to wear that down jacket fly fishing, but you have a visceral fear of letting the slightest drop of precipitation get anywhere near it. And the shitty thing is, even the clearest day on the river provides opportunity for your threads to get soaked. Whether its taking a slight spill or dipping your sleeve to pull that slab out of the net. Your jacket will get wet. Fear the wet stuff no more. The waterproof Powderhorn Gunpowder down jacket and the women’s version the Powdersmoke are ready to take a drenching if the weather takes a turn for the worst or if you just suck at walking on slick mossy rocks in a swift current.

It’s armed with 100% Nylon Toray Airtastic and insulated with a Toray Waterproof QUIX Down system composed of 90% goose, 10% feathers with 750 fillpower.

Plus, why should skiers get all the rad shit.