Photo: Stuck in Customs (flickr)

When you think of Patagonia a number of visuals begin to flood your mind. Vast expanses of green landscapes colliding with snow covered peeks, high desert llamas gazing over vibrant valleys, and glacial ice melt crashing down into the frigid South Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans. Sounds pretty frigin sweet right? But, that could all change soon.

Imagine all of those pristine landscapes with a bunch of power lines and a dam plopped down in the middle of it. This may become a reality, as a number of dams have been proposed to go into the region.

Aitue, a fly fishing and conservation film attempts to explore the fly fishing and beautiful landscapes of Patagonia and what would happen to the region once the dams come rolling in. Roads everywhere, bulldozers, cars, trucks, power lines, people, polluted rivers. Take a look at the teaser below.