If you’re looking for a no frills and somewhat reasonably priced trailer for hauling stuff and having a cozy place to lay your head for road trips this summer, check one of the Moby1 Teardrop Trailers out.

What makes Moby1 different?

A design with more flexible, comfortable and usable space.
More usable storage cabinetry built in, which also adds strength to the trailer body.
Flexible manufacturing can customize a trailer to fit you, whether you are 4’ 7” or 7’ 4” we can accommodate you!
Many options are available to make your trailer suit your lifestyle. Whether you like to get away to a nearby camp ground, load it with hardcore adventure gear or somewhere in between, a Moby1 Teardrop can be custom built for YOU! If there is something you have in mind to add that we don’t offer, just ask we can probably get it and fit it in.