There comes a time in every man’s life when he looks in the mirror and says, “I really need a good multi-tool to fix and cut shit with.” To make sure you have the highest quality multi-tool around, go with the Leatherman Rebar.

With the new Rebar, fans will immediately recognize the iconic box-like body and sloped-neck design found in the Super Tool® 300 and Micra®. This new soon-to-be favorite rounds out Leatherman’s classic “heritage” line of products by offering one in each size category. Just like the Super Tool 300, the Rebar pliers have been optimized for strength and feature replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters—a first for a four-inch tool from Leatherman. With all the features to get even the toughest jobs done, in a smaller, slimmer size, the new Rebar is sure to be an instant hit on job sites, and home-projects the world over.

It comes with Needlenose Pliers: Regular Pliers, Premium Steel Replaceable Wire Cutters, Premium Steel, Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters, Electrical Crimper, 420HC Knife, 420HC Serrated Knife, Wood/Metal File, Saw, Small Screwdriver, Large Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Awl w/ Thread Loop, Ruler (8 inches/20 cm), Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Wire Stripper

Cause’ after all, when your gettin’ all MacGyver in the field, you don’t want some cheap-ass blade you bought in the checkout stand breaking on you and ending up in the middle of your thigh.