A Jeep can pretty much go anywhere it damn well pleases, therefore getting you to just about anywhere a 4-wheeled vehicle can, and then some. Need to get to that river that is only accessible by a muddy old timber road? Take an all terrain Jeep and slide the ActionCamper on top and call it good.

The Jeep® ActionCamper© has been developed for overlanding and expeditions for two passengers. The interior is incredibly spacious and fitted with all of the amenities to have a comfortable and unforgettable expedition experience to remote areas. With the pop-up roof closed, there is enough clearance to sleep during a sandstorm, or cook a quick meal. You can step out onto the closed roof, to use it as a photo / viewing platform. With the open pop-up, the clearance in the kitchen area is 6’3″. The complete unit can be taken off in a short time and offers lots of versatility.