When your wife tells you we’re going to Cabo for a few days after Christmas you nod your head and say ok.

Then she talks about Laying on the beach and sipping Pacifico’s, Coronas and Margaritas. Never bad right? But in the back of your mind, the only words that are coming out of her mouth are roosterfish, dorado, and marlin. Then she says its going to be so nice spending time with you under an umbrella on the beach. The wheels start spinning. How can I get on the water for at least one of the days? Then it hits you. I’m going to take it up the tailpipe and do a timeshare tour. I listen to a bullshit speel about how their scam of a deal is better than all those other timeshare horror stories that you’ve heard. I get the beach salesman to agree to give me free fishing on my own personal 26′ Panga boat and a free message and full spa day for the wife.

Boom, all aboard.