If you’re a powder hungry ski bum, you know the term, “no friends on a pow day.” If its a bluebird day after a storm that just dumped 20 + inches of the Krispy Kreme light fluffy gnar pow kill, you’re not waiting for any friends while they’re in the bathroom paying for that extra spicy carnitas burrito they ate the night before. Screw that, you’re ripping as many untouched pow turns as your dirtbag lifty buddies will let you get for free before their boss shows up and checks your lift ticket.



Well it’s no different in fly fishing. If the Rainbows, Cutthroat and  Browns are rising, that once informative uncle who has been fishing for over 40 years suddenly goes mute and forgets where all his favorite spots are,  and then vanishes before you even lace up your boots. When the hatch is on and trout are feeding, it’s every man for himself and “Bows before bros.”



This is well understood when the hatch is on. But we all know that most of the time, fly fishing is just about being outdoors, shooting the shit, laughing, and talking about who’s the best between you and your buddies. And most importantly just messing around not worrying about everything else in the world except for fish. Really, Really, big fish.