Ken Block’s Subaru Trax STI is the worlds fastest cat track operation automobile for backcountry access for skiing and snowboarding. But it cost a couple hundred grand to build. The American Track Truck Dominator series costs only a fraction of that to throw on your rig. And now with the new dimensions to fit a Subaru, you can have your own Block mobile for pretty damn cheap. Hell, you can buy this one on ebay for only $17,500.

They are the lightest on the market at about 170 lbs each, allowing for easy, one-person installation. Dominators provide excellent floatation, reducing the vehicle’s ground pressure to less than 2 pounds per square inch, making it nearly impossible to get stuck, even in the deepest snow, slush, mud, marsh, swamp, sand, etc. The biggest advantage of our updated Dominator design is the ability to operate the tracks even on dry ground, at reduced speeds.