If you’ve ever climbed a mountain, skipped rocks, skied, snowboarded, hiked, camped, went fly fishing, laid on a hammock with a summer breeze in your hair, sailed, mountain biked, road biked, went crabbing, looked for sea shells, scuba dived, sky dived, walked in a park, rode horses, picked wild flowers, sat by a campfire, swam in the ocean, took a road trip, played in the sand, watched a bird fly, watched the sun rise, watched the sun set, watched a waterfall, surfed, gone hunting, grown vegetables, cooked those vegetables, read a book in a log cabin, jumped into a crystal-clear lake, then you will love this. I promise.

If you answered no to all of those, then you suck. But I guarantee you will still love this video.

Best video on Vimeo Ever…